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Success has a tendency to breed arrogance, rigidity and resistance to change. When a CEO and top team challenge successful leaders to change their ways, surprise is often the first-order response. Successful business unit leaders often struggle with calls for a new world order that relies upon cross-unit integration. These leaders havent been groomed to behave outside of their silos, nor have they seen role models at the very top of organizations behave that way. This makes the challenge of leading with an enterprise perspective all the more difficult to achieve in large, complex organizations.

Doug Ready is a sought-after advisor to senior executive teams and he is internationally recognized as one of the leading figures in the human resources development (HRD) field. He founded and serves as President of ICEDR (The International Consortium for Executive Development Research), the worlds leading network of senior development specialists from corporate and business communities. In addition to his consulting and ICEDR work, Dr. Ready serves as a Senior Lecturer in Organizational Effectiveness at the MIT Sloan School of Management and is an author of many articles on leadership development.

The biggest problem facing many companies today is that they have been successful for so long.

Many companies have outstanding business unit and functional leaders, but far fewer who can act in the interests of the corporate enterprise as a whole.


Leading at the Enterprise Level,

Sloan Management Review, Doug Ready, Spring, 2004

Doug served as a master leadership architect for us while Pricewaterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand were merging to PwC.

Ed Smith, former Chief Learning Officer, PwC Worldwide

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